Outbound Kids is a sub-brand of AdventureWorx which is well known in the community for conducting conservation-based outbound programs for corporates and schools.

AdventureWorx has always been interested in the field of outdoor learning and is now excited in announcing this unique programme addressing a long-felt need of an outbound module which is complementary to formal education.

AdventureWorx is all about addressing the needs of adventure enthusiasm and exploring nature of human beings. As the name connotes, AdventureWorx delivers the concept of adventure in true sense by way of its products and experiences. The brand, well established in India, is a creation of ideas from people with over 15 years of experience in the adventure industry.

AdventureWorx specializes in designing, manufacturing & marketing of products and services for outdoor adventure and travel. All products and services are designed with care & expertise of trained professionals and specialists in the field of adventure activity. With the increasing number of enthusiasts and their growing passion in adventure, the company aims at expanding their presence to offer products and services across India.

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A considerable number of children in the age group between 10 and 18 years spend most of their time in classrooms. Their vacations tend to beconfined indoors, limiting their exploration skills to adventures in books and video games.

At Outbound Kids, we think outside the wall.

Outbound Kids – a concept

Outbound Kids is a unique program aimed at delivering valuable outdoor learning for children. Through designed activities, we enable children to explore wonders of nature and experience the thrill of adventure, helping them to learn to live without assumed comforts, away from routine digital gadgets, and with enhanced peer to peer connect. Such program content helps address goals like contributing to personal development of a child and helping the child perceive fun in academics by meaningfully relating to its immediate environment.

Outbound Kids is a brainchild of AdventureWorx. Founded in 2004 and promoted by enthusiastic, experienced adventure specialists, AdventureWorx is involved in the business of helping people explore, enjoy and discover a whole new world of adventure.

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Natural History sessions (geography, birding,
insects, animals, night sky observation, etc.)
Rafting (still water rafting on crafts built of
bamboos and inflated objects like drums and inflated tubes)
Basic Photography using basic cameras
Rock climbing & Rappelling
High & Low Ropes Course (Balancing
beams, Over-the-wall, Zip Line, etc.)
Camping out
Orienteering (map and compass based