discover the wonder of nature and adventure

Outdoor learning is a great complement to formal education. This is where ‘learning through fun’ and ‘experiential learning’ are realized. Outbound Kids achieves this by opening the child’s mind to a wider horizon by simply teaching them outside a classroom. Exposure to nature and adventure through our designed programs helps the child to draw a relation between reality and academics. The program is categorized to cater to children of different age groups.

Explore Outdoors - is particularly aimed at kids of age levels between 10+ to 13+ years only. With our carefully designed set of activities we help a child understand the wonders of nature with elements of adventure in a rather, unstructured method. Impromptu sessions are held to realize their interest levels and wavelength and the program advances accordingly. This program for younger children is organized in way that they participate in a number of activities while being exposed to enriching experiences in the abode of nature. We also realize the limits of a tender mind and hence limit the need for them to learn complex topics.

Nature and Adventure – is focused on kids in their teenage, between the age group of 14+ to 17+ years. This structured set of activities is aimed at exposing kids to activities and experiences which enables them to enrich their skills of adventure and nature. Some of the abilities they are exposed to include knots and rope work in rock climbing, using a compass & reading a map in orienteering sessions, setting up a camp & outdoor safety in trekking sessions. The program also includes sessions where children are taught to identify different species of birds and insects.
In addition to the above activities, the young mind is also taken through sessions on natural history. The experience of working in teams and leadership lessons taught also is aimed at personality development of the child.

Children of all age groups are constantly monitored and will be under the supervision of our staff at all times. Their safety and comfort will be on priority round the clock. Our instructors have been well trained in handling children outdoors. A balanced ratio of male/female instructors is maintained at each camp considering the participation of girls. A common toilet block with separate toilets for boys and girls has also been made available. Each campsite is equipped with a medical bay with a nurse available at any instance.

Natural History sessions (geography, birding,
insects, animals, night sky observation, etc.)
Rafting (still water rafting on crafts built of
bamboos and inflated objects like drums and inflated tubes)
Basic Photography using basic cameras
Rock climbing & Rappelling
High & Low Ropes Course (Balancing
beams, Over-the-wall, Zip Line, etc.)
Camping out
Orienteering (map and compass based