Explore Outdoors
is particularly aimed at kids of age group 10+ to 13+ years. With our designed set of activities we help children understand the wonders of nature with a dash of adventure. This program is full of fun-filled and diverse activities, and it progresses through scheduled but impromptu sessions pegged at the children’s interest levels and aspirations, making it a nurturing experience for children - natural talents surface and blossom, generating great sense of joy and accomplishment! Activities include rock climbing and rappelling, rafting, ropes course elements, orienteering games and natural history sessions.

Nature & Adventure
is focused on children of age group 14+ to 17+ years. This relatively more structured set of activities is aimed at exposing kids to activities and experiences which enables them to enrich their skills of adventure and appreciation of nature. Some of the skills they are exposed to include knots and rope work in rock climbing, using a compass & reading a map in orienteering sessions, setting up a camp & camp safety in trekking sessions. In addition to the above activities, these youngsters also undertake sessions on natural history, capitalizing on whatever comes their way – birds, insects, soil study, and night sky observation. Inclusion of aspects of teamwork and leadership for this group provide an additional dimension for contributing to the development of the young mind.