Outbound Kids is a combined effort of people with an extraordinary passion for nature and adventure. With over 15 years spent being close to our natural environment, each member of Outbound Kids has a distinct connect with outdoors. Their vision is to simply pass it on to the rest of the world.

Raju K H – has spent over 25 years in adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking and camping out in nature. Raju is the promoter of “AdventureWorx” and has a rich experience in conducting outbound training programs for adults, children’s adventure camps, school camps, water rafting operations at Kali River at Dandeli, and also designing and manufacturing adventure & military gear, and designing and erecting of climbing walls and ropes courses. He actively participates in conservation of wilderness, being involved in struggles to reduce urban impact on forests. He is also a prime believer of ethical wildlife tourism.

Raju prefers being in the wild rather than a city. He has also been working on converting his three acres of land at Bandipur into a mini forest. When he is not busy at work, Raju is either watching birds or reading a book. He also likes to listen to rock music and is a fan of heavy metal.

He has been trained in First Aid, Rock Climbing, Leadership programs, and has conducted workshops on safety.

The Outbound Kids summer camp at Hunsur, Karnataka is handled by Raju

Maheshh Kumar

Maheshh Kumar –is a professional with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations, training, hospitality & consulting. He has a holistic perspective from having worked for some of the best known corporates to having run his own enterprise. A profound thinker with very strong values & principles.

Maheshh heads the services line of business also takes care of ideation, planning new products.

Maheshh cherishes his time being close to nature.

He has undergone several training programs including the ‘Wilderness First Responder’ from Wilderness Medicine Institute, Pitkin, USA.

Maheshh also listens to music and loves to cook. His exposure to the hospitality and catering industry has enabled him to manage the menu during the Outbound Kids camps.


Ashok Kalamkar

Ashok Kalamkar - having provided support for more than 600 successful training programs held at various challenging indoor & outdoor locations, today Ashok can boldly claim to be the best in the industry. He began his career in outdoor adventure in 1995. He was involved in designing adventure trips, leading Himalayan Treks and coordinating the outdoor infrastructure support required outbound training programs (OBTPs) for the corporate world. He has helped conduct OBTPs for nearly a decade for more than 55 companies encompassing over 600 programs. These programs were conducted across Indian and international locations

Ashok’s set up his firm, ‘One With Nature’, with the singular objective of providing quality and safe infrastructure to conduct various kinds of outdoors based programmes in India. His programs include activities like trekking, camping, mega navigation exercises and expeditions to forts & caves. Camps for children occupy a special place in Ahok’s world, making it a delightful experience for children!

His other personal interests include painting with oil on canvas and photography.

Ashok has extensive experience in hiking, rock climbing and peak climbing.

Shantanu Pandit

Shantanu Pandit, heading his consultancy ‘EKO’. EKO specializes in outbound training programmes for the corporate world, program review assignments for outdoors based organizations and risk management projects.

After a short post-M.B.A. stint in a few organisations, in 1989 Shantanu shifted to spending time in the outdoors, where his passion drove him to gather experience conducting outdoor education programmes for children, leading Himalayan treks and continuing with his own ventures (hiking, climbing, expeditioning and photography). While running a business which specialized in adventure travel and infrastructure support to various kinds of programmes, Shantanu went on to facilitating outbound training programmes and also qualified as an Instructor in the year 2000 with The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), U.S.A. which conducts expedition-format outdoor leadership courses of various kinds. At present he works on consultancy projects for outdoors based organisations & assignments with NOLS, and facilitates outbound training programmes for the corporate world. His personal idea of having fun has included support to adventure sequences in TV episodes & feature films, co-producing a short film on basic mountain safety and illustrations for a book.

Natural History sessions (geography, birding,
insects, animals, night sky observation, etc.)
Rafting (still water rafting on crafts built of
bamboos and inflated objects like drums and inflated tubes)
Basic Photography using basic cameras
Rock climbing & Rappelling
High & Low Ropes Course (Balancing
beams, Over-the-wall, Zip Line, etc.)
Camping out
Orienteering (map and compass based